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“Bubble”-plot is a different way to present your data, this kind of plotting broaden the possibilities of representation beyond the classics histograms and pie charts.

The program is based in a open-source script which has been modified to be able to add other features, for example values in percentage ,the feature’s unit of measure or optimal adaptation of the on-screen display.

The script’s input is a flat-file (CSV), where the first column is the “name” column, the second is the “value” column, and optionally a “color” column may be added.

United States395995000#3d02f1
United Kingdom253700405#8415e0
China (People's Republic of)170556500#c82424
Russia (Federation)37440000

Several visualization options are available as scientific number representation, or International System (SI) prefix representation.

Options available are:

var file="data_fdi.csv";
var SHOW_NAME = true;
var SHOW_VALUE = true;
var SHOW_PERCENT = true;
var SHOW_SI_VIZ= true;
var symbol= "\u0024"   // unicode symbol format
var Size=750
var with_units = true
var with_title = true
var title="Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) of G20 members"
var show_tooltip_for_small_bubbles = true

This script has been tested in Firefox, so that it works on other browsers follow the process here (it should work in any browser). A “data-embedded” version is available here

Data used in this example represents the FDI of G20 countries, data were extracted from OECD (OCDE)  (http://stats.oecd.org/)

NB: The EU data were excluded in order to avoid any redundancy of information.

Source code is available on Github or on “Blocks”

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